Fix Corrupt Lotus Notes NSF file

Lotus database fixing tool is supplied by developers, freeware version of Lotus Notes Fix Toolbox (Download Free) is compatible with any version of MS Windows, starting from Windows 98. Fix corrupt Lotus Notes NSF file application works with shared files and sensible information, it does not really matter because Lotus Notes Fix Toolbox may guarantee the safety of data processing.

Lotus Notes Fix download

It means that Lotus Notes fix tool works offline without connecting to other services and carefully parses selected Lotus Notes files without revealing sensible information.

Fix Lotus Note .NSF file

Thanks to the small size of Lotus Notes Fix Toolbox, the processing of NSF files can be initiated within several minutes after the first error notification in Lotus Notes so you can start repairing corrupted NSF files and make the following:

  • start Lotus Notes fix download, get it on your computer and select a file of NSF format to be recovered, the restoration of corrupted document is executed automatically as soon as you click the Next button;
  • fix Lotus Note .NSF file of any size and automatically applies the most suitable engine of data restoration, all works of NSF file repair are executed automatically and do not require settings changes;
  • Lotus Notes NSF fix engine works with copies of sensible data and protects input documents from damages and losses of valuable information;

Lotus Notes Fix Toolbox is one of the most popular data recovery tools, released by the professional software team development of so the losses of Lotus Notes file damage can be actually minimized. Lotus Notes Fix Toolbox is available in freeware version so its installation file can be downloaded for evaluation without restrictions. In the same time, this tool is not open source or something else like GNU Lesser General Public License therefore we ask our users to donate our community and get rid of all freeware restrictions.

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